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Q. How to clear your browser's cache to improve your online experience

Answered By: Roman Block
Last Updated: Jun 14, 2022     Views: 82

Clearing your browser’s cache is an important task to add to your regular routine. Your browser stores files, downloads, and other information from each website you visit.  This process is called caching and the benefits are to improve and speed up browsing.  However, old versions of cached files cause all sorts of issues and applications to run much slower. This can affect OHSU Library resources, like the website, eBooks, articles, and databases. Therefore, clearing your cache regularly keeps everything running smoothly and improves your browsing experience.


Steps to Clear Your Cache:

Hold down Ctrl+Shift+Delete at the same time to clear your computer's recent history. Select desired time period from the drop-down menu ("Everything" to clear all of it) and select "Cookies" and "Cache." Then select "OK" to clear your cache.

See below for detailed instructions for each browser.



-Select the menu button  in upper-right corner and then select “Settings” 

-Select “Privacy & Security” tab on left-side 

-Scroll down to “Cookies & Site Data” section then select “Clear Data” 

-Select both “Cookies & Site Data” and “Cached Content”  


Google Chrome

-Select the menu button  in upper-right corner  

-Select “More Tools” and then “Clear browsing data” 

-Choose desired time range from the drop-down menu. Select “All Time” to clear everything.  

-Make sure the boxes for “Browsing history,” “Cookies and other site data,” and “Cached files and images” are all checked and then select on “Clear Data” 


Microsoft Edge: 

-Select menu button  in the upper-right and then select “History” 

-Select the three dots in the right corner and then select “Clear Browsing Data” 

-Choose desired time range from the drop-down menu. Select “All Time” to clear everything 

-Select “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” and then select “Clear Now” 



-Per Apple Support: 

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