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About Scopus Author Profiles

  • Scopus Author Profiles are generated automatically from your publications when they are indexed in Scopus
  • Sometimes, this automatic process gets things wrong
  • Common problems include an incorrect preferred name, an incorrect current affiliation, multiple profiles for the same author, and publications that have been incorrectly assigned to you

About Multiple Profiles

  • The Library estimates 10-15% of OHSU authors have more than one profile in Scopus at any given time
  • Multiple profiles are most likely to be created if you've published under different names or name forms, with different affiliations, and on different topics over the course of your career
  • Multiple profiles can be created for authors at any stage in their career and for any number of publications an author might have
    • We have seen early career and low-volume researchers with a separate profile for each of their publications, and we've seen multiple profiles for researchers with over 100 publications to their name
  • Multiple profiles can diffuse the apparent impact of your work, affecting the calculation of metrics like the h-index
    • Consider looking yourself up in Scopus whenever you publish something new to make sure Scopus has correctly identified it as yours, especially if you are not publishing with an ORCiD ID
    • Publishing with your ORCiD ID and connecting your Scopus Author Profile to your ORCiD ID can help Scopus more accurately identify which publications are yours

To find your Scopus Author Profile(s):

  1. Visit the Scopus database (also accessible from the front page of the Library's website)
  2. Create a Scopus account if you don't already have one
  3. On the search page, select the Authors search (the default is Documents) and search for yourself by name. Try all of the following variations:
    • Your full last and first name
    • Your full last name and first and middle initials
    • Your full last name, first initial, and partial affiliation information, such as 'oregon health science'
  4. If you've ever gone by a different name, published under variations of your name, or have published with different affiliations both currently held or held in the past, repeat the above steps for those as well
    • Note that you can use the Boolean OR in the search fields to look for multiple names or affiliations in a single search


  • Scopus will always use the metadata for your most recent publication as the source for the display data on your profile
  • If a publication is not indexed in Scopus, it will not appear on your profile, but you can request that it be added

To request a merge of multiple profiles from the Author Search Results page:

  1. Check the box next to each profile that is associated with your publications
  2. Select Request to merge authors to open the Scopus Author Feedback Wizard
  3. When prompted with the question Is this your own profile? select Yes, this is my profile
  4. Select the preferred form of your name from the Preferred Name drop-down
  5. Select the correct affiliation from the Current Organization drop-down
  6. Review the Documents, Preprints, and/or Awarded grants associated with the profiles and select Remove from merge for any that are not yours
  7. Click the blue Review request button
    • If you realize you need to make additional changes, click the white Continue editing button
    • If you are done, click the blue Submit request button

To request a merge of multiple profiles from an individual profile page:

  1. Click the More link on the profile
    It is the last link in the row of links above the Document & citation trends graph
  2. Select Potential author matches
  3. Review the list of potential author matches and check the boxes next to the ones you believe are yours
    • Alternatively, click the View authors in search results link at the top of the screen to see more than ten potential matches and continue from Step 1 in the first set of instructions
  4. Click the blue Request to merge with authors button
  5. Continue from Step 3 in the first set of instructions

To request any other corrections to your Scopus Author Profile:

  1. Navigate to your profile
  2. Click the Edit Profile link
  3. Continue from Step 3 in the first set of instructions


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