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Q. How do I access DrugDex at OHSU Library?

When I access Micromedex Subscriptions online a pop-up window states that OHSU Hospitals and Clinics are also subscribed to DrugDex. I cannot find the DrugDex gateway anywhere online at the OHSU Library site.

Answered By: OHSU Library
Last Updated: Dec 28, 2021     Views: 6247

The OHSU Library has access to all of the contents of DrugDex via Micromedex.  Micromedex is a system of databases covering concepts such as drugs, diseases, toxicity, etc.

Drugdex is the database within Micromedex that contains drug information.  So when you search for drug related information using Micromedex, you're really searching DrugDex.  If you were searching on a specific disease in Micromedex, the information would be coming from DiseaseDex.

This resource is only available off-campus to OHSU students, staff, and faculty.